1. Turning Point of Central California Inc. (A well-reviewed program with a substantial amount of info on the subject)

2. Restorative Community Service

3. Residential Reentry Centers

4. Reintegration Services/Reentry Programs/Restorative Solutions (Same program has different names in different areas)

5. Transitional Living or halfway houses

To plan a course of treatment for an individual, it is important to know what programs are available and what they entail. By understanding the goals of different programs, you will be better equipped to recommend the appropriate programs in an individual's treatment plan.

Conduct research to identify 4 to 6 institutional and/or community-based programs in the correctional system.

Create a 3- to 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to showcase the programs you have researched. Include the following:speaker notes

· Describe the programs, along with their mission, goals, and objectives.

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