powerpoint presentation- no video only speaker notes( due in 10) hours


 the presentation is based off the problem statement attached

Here's the information for this part 3 to personalize it

The client was designing a reporting system as noted in the problem statement pdf sent

3. Discuss your personal professional development by doing the following:
a. Discuss the most significant lessons learned throughout your MBA program.
i. Explain how the lessons identified in part A3a will help you succeed in your chosen career.
b. Summarize your plans for continued professional development by identifying three SMART
(specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-oriented) goals.

"Currently I work as a COO. I am planning to seek a position of CEO in affordable housing industry. I am preparing for California Real Estate Broker Exam/designation. Also preparing for CPM from the Institute of Real Estate Management. I have already registered for both programs.

CPM - Certified Property Manager Designation."

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