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Practical Exercise - PowerPoint

Design and Create a short Presentation about your favorite movie villain (nothing animated/cartoon)

Create a short presentation (minimum 6 slides) about the villain. You may choose anyone you want (nothing animated/cartoon). Be sure to give me some background information, not just information about the movie and/or actors from which this villain is from.

Be sure to use the 7x7 Rule. This does not mean that every slide has 7 lines and 7 words. That is the maximum amount of text that should be on a slide if needed.

· Maximum of 7 lines per slide

· Maximum of 7 words per line

A paragraph that has been separated into 7 lines with 7 words is not following the 7x7 rule. 

You MUST include the following in the presentation:

· Use text that tells me about your chosen movie 

· Pick an appropriate Design Theme

· Use Word Art for your Title on the Title page

· Use images that are appropriate to the presentation 

· Apply effects to the images

o Add frames, effects, 

· Use shapes to enhance your presentation

o You MUST include a shape on the Title slide

· Use an image/picture as a background for a slide

· Use a texture as a background for a slide

· Apply a transition (same transition throughout the presentation)

· Include a footer on all slides except the Title Slide

o Include your name and Student ID number in the footer

· Change the Document Properties

o Include

§ Name

§ Subject

§ Tags (use a minimum of 3 keywords, separated by commas)

· BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN with the presentation.

Save your presentation as yourname_P1

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