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Directions: Create a Power Point. Select a career you are interested in pursuing. Your power point should use the Occupational Outlook Handbook (Links to an external site.) and at least three (3) other sources. These sources should include educational requirements, salaries, job outlook, job duties, working environment, and fun facts about your career choice. Your presentation should be about 8-10 minutes long.


Include MLA in-text citations or a works cited page for any sources you quote, summarize, or paraphrase in writing.

Title Page includes the career name and your name

Brief description of job duties

Working Environment/Conditions

Possible places of Employment 

Education/Training required 

Job Outlook (chances of you getting hired after graduation) 

Typical pay in Florida and Nationally 

Typical benefits (insurance, perks, 401K, etc.) 

Would be good at this because… (At least 3 reasons) 

Related Occupations

Works Cited Page

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