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Create at least 2 slides with notes no more than five bullet points per slide(Refer to Table), The Components of Organizational Justice- There are three separate elements with each having its own elements.  Describe how Starbucks either complies or should/could comply with each element.  


Table 1: Components of Organizational Justice

  • 1. Distributive Justice: Appropriateness of outcomes.
    • Equity: Rewarding employees based on their contributions.
    • Equality: Providing each employee roughly the same compensation.
    • Need: Providing a benefit based on one’s personal requirements.
  • 2. Procedural Justice: Appropriateness of the allocation process.
    • Consistency: All employees are treated the same.
    • Lack of Bias: No person or group is singled out for discrimination or ill-treatment.
    • Accuracy: Decisions are based on accurate information.
    • Representation of All Concerned: Appropriate stakeholders have input into a decision.
    • Correction: There is an appeals process or other mechanism for fixing mistakes.
    • Ethics: Norms of professional conduct are not violated.
  • 3. Interactional Justice: Appropriateness of the treatment one receives from authority figures.
    • Interpersonal Justice: Treating an employee with dignity, courtesy, and respect.
    • Informational Justice: Sharing relevant information with employees.
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