File submission: Analysis of a case of a medication administration error  Objective of the activity  With this activity, it will be possible to understand the importance of the correct calculation of medications in the administration of medications.  Instructions  Read the following situation:  A critical care nurse is in a rush to finish her morning medications after her patient had changes in his condition and was intubated. The patient has a nasogastric tube and the nurse decides to crush the pills. In his haste, he is unaware of the alert on the electronic patient record that says: do not shred. She crushes a tablet of an extended-release calcium channel blocker. An hour later, the patient goes into asystole and dies.  Answer:  What category of error does this event fall into? What factors contributed to the medication error? What recommendations can be made to avoid making this mistake in the administration of medications again? Deliverable  The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund). Submit the answers in a Word document, Times New Roman, size 12. You must include the references in APA format, three years old or less. 


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Review the presentation of laws and errors in medicines.
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