Portfolio project


Portfolio Project: 

Discuss a current business process in a specific IT industry. Note the following:

- What is the current business process itself? (approx a paragraph or two)

- What is the industry the business process is utilized in? (approx a paragraph or two)

After explaining the current situation, answer these questions...

1. Explain a new technology that the business should deploy. Be specific, don’t only note the type of technology but the specific instance of technology. (For example, a type of technology is smart automation a specific type of automation is automated light-dimming technology). (write approx a 1 Page minimum)

2. State the pros and cons of the technology that was selected. (approx 1 Page)

3. State various factors the business should consider prior to deploying the new technology (approx 1 Page)

4. Write a Conclusion or Summary on the findings. (approx a paragraph or two)

5. There should be at least three APA (peer-reviewed) references to support your work.


Minimum 4 pages for above submission.

Add cover page and reference page. The cover page and Reference page should be separate.

Use at least three (3+), APA & peer-reviewed references. Include in-text citations.

Put everything in the APA format. Strictly follow APA 7th Edition Format

No plagiarized content please! Attach a plagiarized report.

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes!

$20 max. Please bid if you agree.

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