WRIT 1133 Reflective Portfolio

Your professor and the Writing Program faculty assess WRIT courses by reading student writings at the end of these courses. To help this effort and to demonstrate your writing accomplishments, we would like for you to submit the following portfolio.

What is the rhetorical situation?

How have you developed as a writer and researcher during WRIT 1133?  Create a portfolio in which you explore this question.  Your professor and other DU writing instructors will be very interested in your self-analysis and reflection.  To do this well, you’ll need to select several examples of your writing, and you’ll need to explain and discuss the pieces you’ve chosen. 

What should I include in the portfolio?

Your final portfolio should consist of four pieces of writing. Please include three papers you have already written for WRIT 1133. The fourth piece is a reflective essay that describes and analyses those papers. To be most effective, the reflection will probably need to be about three to four pages long. 

How should I select papers for the portfolio?

Choose three papers that illustrate the writing and research skills you developed in the course.

How should I write the reflective essay?

Your reflective essay should:

·  Introduce the papers you’ve selected, explaining the assignment and/or rhetorical situation for the work. Remember that most of your readers will be unfamiliar with your class.

·  Reflect on how you have learned and met course goals through writing these assignments.  Please refer to or quote specific elements from your papers to illustrate your observations.  You might also talk about your drafting processes and what you learned or how you grew during the course.  Try to connect your work to the concepts and strategies that your class emphasized. 

Your readers will value an ethos characterized by honesty, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. In addition to discussing the strengths of your work this quarter, you might also discuss limitations of your papers.  You might also reflect on how your writing and researching abilities transfer to future writing situations.

How should I submit my portfolio?

Although you will be presenting four different writings, please cut and paste them into one single document. Appearing first in this document should be your reflective essay. The order of the other documents is up to you. If you have multimodal work, such as a film, if possible please upload to Vimeo or YouTube and include a link to the project in your introductory essay.

Once you have your combined file, please submit it through Canvas Assignments.

Thank you!  All of us in the writing program look forward to reading your work.

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