POM WK5 Homework Help - NO PLAGIARISM!!!


1 page minimum. NO PLAGIARISM!!! 

Please respond to the following questions:

1. You have just been hired by a car and home insurance agency and learned they do not have a CRM program. Why should the agency have a CRM program, and what CRM efforts would you recommend?

2. Why is it important for marketers to understand the product life cycle? Explain.

3. Why is it important for marketers to pay special attention to providing excellent customer service? Explain.

4. Name three ways in which a firm can evaluate service quality. Write a short sentence in which you prove an example of each.

Please write your answers with an academic tone. That is, use full sentences and paragraphs and without bullet points or numbered lists. Provide a list of items only when the question specifically requires you to provide a list. Do not use contractions in formal writing. Use proper grammar, syntax, and spelling.

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