Politics Discussion Question



Watch the video clip "American Foreign Policy from Truman to Obama," and answer the question below.


Which foreign policy style described by the author involves an all-out approach to problem solving involving military, political, and economic affairs?





2. In terms of the influence of public opinion on foreign policy making, presidents tend to:

Follow closely the preferences of the public

Use the unpopularity of Congress to shield them from public criticism

Believe their policies will be unpopular

Take their time before engaging in action in order to cultivate support

3. How do maximalist and retrenchment modes vary in terms of their approach to soliciting advice. Provide some examples of presidents who fit each type.

4. According to the video, why was Lyndon Johnson hesitant to enter the conflict in Vietnam, and how did his strategy play out in the long term?

5. The author argues that presidential personality is an important part of understanding foreign policy. What was surprising to him about Ronald Reagan's approach to foreign policy? Which "type" did he fit and why?

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