Political: Explain the Senior leader's role in establishing and sustaining a positive and ethical climate in an organization



Explain the relationship between a Senior Leader’s role in establishing and sustaining a positive and ethical climate and the role of leadership in the exercise of moral courage (think about your responsibility to establish a positive ethical climate, and how this affects moral courage).

Reflect upon the below questions before you begin:

 How does a Senior Leader help to sustain and maintain an ethical command climate in war? The response should discuss how the Senior Leader would assess and develop the climate and ensure that the organizational conduct, policy, and norms align with stated values.

What is the Senior Leader role in fostering an environment where moral courage plays a vital role? Your response should include the relationship between physical and moral courage, and the effects of power concerning moral courage.

Post should be:

· Typed

· Double Spaced the entire paper IAW APA 7th Edition 20 

· Standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11")

· 1" margins on all sides 

· Size 12 pt. Times New Roman font 

· Use flush-left alignment and ragged right; do not divide words at the end of the line. 

· Indent paragraphs five spaces (Set the tab key) 

· Use one space at the end of a sentence. 

· Abbreviations: The first time you use a term, spell it out in full, followed by its abbreviation in parentheses; thereafter, you may use the abbreviation only.

Minimum of 3 references. Please both attached resources and internet resources for work. Minimum of 300 words.  Please use some internet resources for reference along with sources attached

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