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For the policy memo assignment, imagine that you work for an interest group that promotes a package of policies to politicians and government agencies at the national level.  The interest group for whom you work is in the process of updating information on the core issues it promotes and has tasked you with composing a five-page policy paper on one of these core issues. 

To complete the Policy Paper Assignment:

1 - Chose an interest group (visit http://www.votesmart.org/interest-groups for an excellent list)

2 - Chose an issue that this interest group promotes.

3 - Organize your policy paper to do the following:

A: Explain why the issue is important.

B: Describe chief alternatives for addressing the issue.

C: Identify who supports and opposes each alternative.

D: Define the costs and benefits of each alternative.

E: Provide a recommendation.

4 - Upon completion, each student will submit their policy paper to their chosen interest group!

Policy Paper Requirements:

The policy paper must be objective and must address at least two sides of the issue you select.  In order to provide the most balanced and unbiased information as possible, you should not make your recommendation until the end of the final page of your policy paper.

You may use either APA or MLA formatting style.

You should use at least 6 references – no more than half may be web pages (e.g. www.cnn.com (Links to an external site.), etc).

You must adhere to proper citation methods (including in-text citations).

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