Policy making in Data Privacy and Security with technology advancements.



Growing concerns on Data Privacy and Security with technology advancements. 


Some of the challenges arise because of the data deployments across different processing devices like IoT increase the vulnerability of Data breaching.

The challenge in cloud computing is to ensure the security of the storage and access to this data to protect its integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity while promoting availability without residing on local servers (Tari, 2014).

This paper discusses several case studies on the challenges and how the policymaking around data privacy and security is important for stakeholders.

 Are these huge initiatives and research directions in big data, IoT and cloud computing have sound policies to protect the confidentiality, privacy and data security? 

I'm posting my reference IEEE paper here and i need the end result similar to like that but not that solution. 1500 words atleast. Also find similar resources.  



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