Policy data analysis discussion


Find an example of an index using at least two of the following:

  • Likert scaling
  • Factor analysis
  • Different weights for at least some of the items
  • A method of standardizing items that measure characteristics in different units, such as dollars, years of education, and percent unemployment
  • For your posting, describe the index, explain how the items above are utilized, and how the items are combined to calculate the index. Provide the journal article that describes the index or a link to the website that describes the index.
    Note: Review the Chapter 10 Discussion Sample that uses data taken from SPC Key Findings 2015 CCSSE.
    For your reply
    Respond to at least one other student's post.
    Grading Criteria
    For this discussion, you must make two postings to receive full credit:
    1. Initial posting (up to 15 points): Answer the question(s) in the instructions. The index you locate must contain two of the four characteristics. If you cannot located an index that includes at least two of the four, you can describe two indices. Each must contain one of the listed characteristics. You must describe the index (or indices), explain how it includes the identified characteristics and how the individual items are combined to create the index. Your answer must include at least 2 paragraphs, minimum of 4 sentences per paragraph. You must provide the source for the index - copy of journal article uploaded or link to website where the index is described.
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