Polar Functions


  It's has to be in a power point.

1. Named shape. 

2. One copy on a giant polar grid with a complete table of values. (Your shape may need a larger table than those we used in class.) If the shape varies greatly (limaçons with or without loops for example), you must show the variations on additional giant copies. 

3. Explanation of behavior. Your explanation should be clear to any person who has studied math at the precalculus or higher level. A reader should understand the intricacies of your shape, the way it is graphed, and the why behind those. 

4. Include at least 3 types of polar equations in your design.

5. Attach a sheet with a table for each graph where θ increases by increments no greater than π/6. On the same sheet, note the type of design and describe the domain.

6. Write a 3-paragraph essay on the polar coordinate system. The objective is for the essay to be understandable by peers who have not yet studied the polar coordinate system.Be sure to cite your sources and address the following:

What is the polar coordinate system? Compare it to the Cartesian coordinate system. How do you represent a given point in both systems? Are points represented uniquely? How do you graph polar equations in a calculator? By hand? What types of designs do you get? How is the polar coordinate system used in the world? What careers use this system?

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