It’s your turn to analyze a piece of poetry for its compositional elements. Using the list of elements and the format of the example in this module, submit an analysis of the compositional elements of one of the poems below. Include comments about any poetic devices you recognize.

Choose one of the following poems 

  • Whitman, W. O Captain! My Captain! 
  • Longfellow, H. W. The Landlord's Tale. Paul Revere's Ride

Resource: Poetry Elements Checklist Preview the document

Your analysis can be written as prose paragraphs, or you might use Word's New Comment function, mirroring the format of the model in the below example.


The poetry that you will compose this week should clearly contain each of these compositional elements and poetic devices. The following documents are analyses of poetry for their compositional elements. Use these as a model for your analysis assignment this week.

First access and read the Emily Dickinson poem, I felt a Funeral

Next, study NEC professor Andrew Morgan's analysis of the compositional elements in "I felt a Funeral – Morgan Comments."Preview the document

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