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Chapter 12

Question 3: What is the philosophy underlying resource loading? What does it do for our project? Why is it a critical element in effectively managing the project plan?

Question 5: Discuss the nature of “time/cost trade-offs” on projects. What does this concept imply for our project management practices?

Case Study 12.1 : Read the case study 12.1 in the Attachment below and Answer only questions 1 & 2 very briefly to you best of your ability.

Chapter 13

Question 1: Why is the generic four-stage control cycle useful for understanding how to monitor and control projects?

Question 5: It has been said that Earned Value Management (EVM) came about because the federal government often used “cost-plus” contractors with project organizations.Cost-plus contracting allows the contractor to recover full project development costs plus accumulated profit from these contracts. Why would requiring contractor firms to employ Earned Value Management help the government hold the line against project cost overruns?

Question 8: The 10 critical success factors have been applied in a variety of settings and project types. Consider a project with which you have been involved. Did any of these factors emerge clearly as being the most important for the project’s success? Why?

Case Study 13.2 : Read the case study 13.2 in the Attachment below and Answer only question 1 very briefly to you best of your ability.

Chapter 14

Question 2: Comment on the different methods for project termination.How have you seen an example of one of these methods, through either your school or work experience?

Question 8: What are some of the reasons why objective project evaluation may be difficult to achieve?

 All the answers and problems with working solutions should be APA 6th edition with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero. 

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