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Your research paper proposal.  You will be writing a 1500 word (5 page) research/position paper in which you take and defend a position - an economic position. You may also opt to illuminate an area of study relevant to the field of economics. In either case, you must take and defend a position with clear evidence and sound argument - as always, comprehensible to the intelligent non-economist.  (And by "economics," I do not mean "accounting" or merely "statistics based." Unclear of the difference? Look here  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.for a start.) REMEMBER I am NOT asking for a "report."  You are taking a position - that means there ought to be some controversy - and backing it up with evidence and analysis.  Not simply reporting what some other economist says. 

This will require that you do some looking around in wide open territory: an opportunity to focus your attention on something about which you care.  And remember, you need to find and use economic data

This assignment:

(1) a brief FORMAL statement of background and the thesis you will support.  This will require a bit of context, and the position you will take.  State your thesis, provide context and history/background for your thesis, and include the main arguments you will use to support your claim. Try  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(1 to 2 paragraphs for your thesis)  Check out the supplemental aide in your Files Tab for more on how to construct a thesisPreview the document.

Student: "But I am researching something.  I will learn new things. What if my position - my thesis - changes over the course of my search?"  

Teacher: "That is music to my ears!  Yes indeed, your point of view may change.  You may be even more certain of the ideas you had when you began, or you may decide that you have been mistaken!"

(2) In addition you must provide three annotated sources, each with a brief paragraph-long annotation that explains (a) what the source has to say, and (b) how you see it contributing to your work?  Need a refresher on annotated bibliographies?  Remember, annotated bibliographies require more than citations alone. At least one of which must be from an economics/business journal or other economics/business scholarly publication. The other two sources may be scholarly, or be from more popular media or a statistical/numerical data source. But be careful: The fact that your source is not from an academically reliable source DOES NOT mean ANY source.  You MUST try to be sure that the source is RELIABLE. Each entry in your annotated bibliography will be a single-spaced paragraph summarizing the source document and how it relates to your argument.What is the source about, and how do you see it contributing in your research? 

The format of each entry in your annotated bibliography:

The bibliographic information: The discipline of Economics seems to favor Chicago Style for citations, but you are welcome to choose another commonly used style if you prefer.

The annotations: A single-spaced paragraph summarizing your source document and how it relates to the thesis of your paper.

Use double-spacing for the topic proposal paragraph(s) and single-spacing for the paragraphs in the annotated bibliography. Together, the proposal and annotated bibliography should total 1-2 pages in length.

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