Please answer the following 10 questions



1. How should information strategy be aligned with business and informational strategies? Chapter 1 can a business achieve competitive advantages using its IS? Chapter 2 do organizational decisions impact IS decisions? Chapter3

4. How is the work of individual in an organization affected by decisions concerning IS? Chapter 4

5. How are information systems integrated with business process? Chapter 5

6. What are the components of an IS architecture? Chapter 6

7.How are IS kept secure? Chapter 7

8. How is the IT organization managed and funded? Chapter 8

9. How are IS decisions made? Chapter 9

10. What source should provide IS services and where should they be provided? Chapter 10

IMP guidelines:

Course: IT importance in strategic planning

Please follow APA format.

All answers should be in minimum of 12 and max of 15 pages.

Please check plagiarism.

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