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 Paper Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to practice writing goals and objectives and acquire a basic understanding of program design and evaluation that you will be covering more thoroughly in other classes.

The regional oral health collaborative is concerned about the oral health of pregnant women in their area. Studies indicate that poor birth outcomes may be linked to periodontal disease during pregnancy and the infectious nature of dental caries has raised concerns over the relationship between mother-child transmissions of bacteria. It has also been noted that children who had a dental visit were more likely to have had parents who had a dental visit. There are many barriers which prevent the women from obtaining oral health care during pregnancy. The collaborative has asked you to develop a program to increase the use of dental services by pregnant women.

In 3-5 pages, give the following information about your program. Keep your paper organized. Use of bullet points is appropriate.

1. Brief background about the population and the health problem

2. Goals and objectives of the program (see Community Toolbox for examples of SMART objectives -- )

* One educational goal (What will the participants know?)

* One behavioral goal (What will the participants be able to do?)

** Two objectives under each goal

3. Theoretical Approach (choice of theory or combination of theories) (Health Belief Model, Stages of Change)

4. Design of program

Types of services

Who will perform?

How often will services be provided?

Where will they be provided?

Length of program

5. Evaluation (brief description)

Include two process evaluations (recruitment, reach, dose delivered, dose received or fidelity) How will you collect this information?

Include two outcome evaluations. How will you collect this information? (pre-test/posttest, self-report behavior change, demonstration, quiz, self- report survey, etc.)

6. Conclusion

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