Physics research paper


Individual research work (10 Points):

Knowing you as a physics student, one of your friends ask you a question about physical science.  Give your best answers to the question based on the research articles, lecture and workbook, with citations as necessary. Questions can be about physical phenomena or applications of any topic that you learned in this course, i.e., force, energy, magnetism, static electricity, sound, wave, and light.

Example questions can be what is gravity, how is a spacecraft launched, what is magnet, how is the earth magnetic effect used, how does energy transfer, how do steamboats run, what is light, how the sky is blue, what is sound, how the sound propagates, and etc.  

Submit your paper through Cougar Courses:

1) The clearly stated question.

2) A minimum of a two page researched paper, which answers the question you wrote above.

3) You can submit your paper anytime from now 'till the due date 5/6

Your paper must be written in a Microsoft Word document and submitted in Cougar Courses -- no other submission will be accepted.

Attention: Do your own work. No credit will be given to any duplicated papers!

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