physics problem



1. This exam contains 10 problems and is worth 100 points.

2. All questions will appear  at the same time. You have 3 hours  to complete the exam and 20 min to upload your work. Think of 20min per problem.

3. Solve each problem on a separate pice of white paper (could be an electronic paper too) as you would do in the class, scan and upload it under each problem.  Use darker pencil or pen. Make sure that the scanned work is clearly legible. If I find it hard to read, you will receive zero. 

4. In your work on problems the following approach should be visible:

1. read the problem create a meaningful diagram

3. determine the variables and assign values to variables (what you are given and what you know, and what you are looking for)

4. choose appropriate physics concept/law 

5. do your algebra (to solve for the variable you are looking for) substitute values into equation and complete the math

6.  box or circle answer

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