Physics newtons 2nd law forces and friction


A 30.0-kg block slides at a rate of 0.50 m/s^2 down on a plane inclined to 45° to the horizontal. 

What is the net force acting on the block?

 What is the magnitude of the force pulling the block down the slope? 

 What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between block and plane surfaces? 

 While attempting to move into your dorm room, you drag your footlocker down the main hallway. Your footlocker has a mass of 75.00-kg and there is a coefficient of kinetic friction with the hall floor of 0.30. 

 Calculate the magnitude of the force of friction as you slide the footlocker across the floor. 

 How hard do you have to pull on the footlocker to make it slide across the floor at a constant velocity? 

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