Physics Lab Report 4


Theory section Include all the relevant equations and also the following, 

Research Question - Does the static coefficient of friction is greater than kinetic friction?  If so why?  Provide a graph. 

Case 1: Derive an expression for μs using Newton’s law for an object moving down the incline.  Draw a free body diagram showing all the forces.

Case 2: Choose an object of the unknown mass (mystery object) and unknown coefficient of friction moving down the incline with zero initial velocity. Derive an expression for μk using the Work-Energy theorem. Show related equations to obtain velocity and acceleration. Draw a free body diagram showing all the forces.
Case 3: Choose an object of known mass and known coefficient of friction moving up the incline with applied force. Derive an expression to find ‘V’ on its way up the incline using Conservation of Energy.
Result section 

Case1: Provide a screenshot, angle value, and corresponding μs value.

case 2: Provide a screenshot, μk value, acceleration, etc

case 3: Provide a screenshot and final velocity value up the incline. 

Here are the links for the simulation, just in case, 

1)Simulation link –

2) simulation-

3) simulation-

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