1. Over the course of an 8 hour day, 3.8x104 C of charge pass through a typical computer (presuming it is in use the entire time). Determine the current for such a computer 

2. The large window air conditioner in Anita Breeze's room draws 11 amps of current. The unit runs for 8.0 hours during the course of a day. Determine the quantity of charge that passes through Anita's window AC during these 8.0 hours. 

3. Determine the amount of time that the following devices would have to be used before 1.0x106 C (1 million Coulombs) of charge passes through them. 

4. Defibrillator machines are used to deliver an electric shock to the human heart in order to resuscitate an otherwise non-beating heart. It is estimated that a current as low as 17 mA through the heart is required to resuscitate. Using 100,000 Ω as the overall resistance, determine the output voltage required of a defibrillating device. 

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