Physical science


Before the time of Galileo and Newton, many learned scholars thought that a stone dropped from the top of a tall mast on a moving ship would fall vertically and hit the deck behind the mast by a distance equal to how far the ship had moved forward during the time the stone was falling. In light of your understanding of Newton’s laws, what do you and your classmates think about this idea?

Discussion board questions should be answered in the textbox and not submitted as attachments. Students are required to acknowledge and respond to a minimum of two of their peers’ responses in each discussion thread by Sunday of each week.


I agree and/or I like your post are not valid response posts. Your initial and response posts must be at least six sentences in length, and your response post must offer additional indepth content knowledge.  

1. Acknowledge your classmates' posts. React to their ideas, make observations, ask questions about what they've said, or answer a question posed in a previous post. You are expected to read all of your classmates' posts and responses throughout the module discussion. Doing so will allow you to have a better sense of your classmates' opinions, just like a face-to-face class.

2. Build upon these posts by providing additional details, ideas, personal perspectives, interpretations, answers, or links to interesting, relevant articles. 

3. Conclude with a question or a new idea to further stimulate the discussion. Be sure to respond to the question asked of you.  

Responses posted after the due date will not count toward participation points and will receive a grade of zero.  

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