Part 1: Short Answer…Answer two of the following questions in approximately one-half page. Use Complete Sentences! 

1. Explain the difference between momentum and impulse.

2. Explain the difference between work and power.

3. Explain the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy.

Part 2. Application Questions…Answer two of the following by describing the properties involved in brief paragraph of about 5 to 7 sentences. Include supporting details. 

4. Describe two ways to increase the power of lifting a ball. Include a brief overview of why each would cause an increase in power.

5. Use the concept of momentum to explain why a cannon recoils backwards when it shoots a cannonball forward.

6. A waiter carries a tray of drinks across a room. Was any work done on the tray of drinks? Explain.

Part 3. Explain what is most likely going to happen in the elastic collision below if both cars have the same mass. Discuss in terms of momentum. Be specific about what happened to each car

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