Philosophy paper


1. Topic: Pick two ethical theories that we've covered from the following list: act utilitarianism, rule utilitarianism, Kantian deontology, virtue ethics, feminist/care ethics, or Confucian ethics.

2. Example: Find from a piece of media, or produce one yourself, a single example, thought experiment, or difficult moral situation. Your example can come from your favorite movie, show, book, etc. Pick an example that involves a difficult choice that an individual, or group, must make.

3. Apply: Think about how the two ethical theories you selected would respond to your scenario. 

4. Analyze: Think about which of the two ethical theories gives the more intuitive response and the moral reasons why you think it does. If neither of them do,  be prepared to say why.

5. Write: an 1100 word or less short paper that has the structure outlined below. Submit the assignment as a doc,docx, or pdf only.

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