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Question 1 - In Virgina Held's essay, "Feminist Reconceptualizations in Ethics," Held looks at four key areas that led to the development and the core project of the ethics of care. Those areas are:

· Bias in the history of ethics

· Reason and emotion

· The public and the private

· The concept of self

Directions to Q 1:

1. Select two from the list

2. Identify a quote from each of the two sections you chose

3. Explain how that quote represents and can help us better understand the ethics of care

To be clear: you will be choosing two quotations from the reading (one from each section you choose), sharing them, and explaining how they relate to the ethics of care

Question 2 - In the final section of Held's essay, "Transformations of Society," Held lays out various ways in which the ethics of care could - or is already starting to - change the world in which we live.

Directions to Question 2:

Provide two ways/examples in which society would be transformed by the ethics of care, and identify a quotation from this section in the text to back up your claim.

Your answer should look like the following:

· Ethics of care would change society in X way

· Quote: " ... ... ..." (Held, pg. #)

· Explanation

· And ethics of care would change society in Y way

· Quote: " ... ... ..." (Held, pg. #)

· Explanation

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