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Personal Moral Philosophy Paper (175points)    

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to assess and improve your ability to identify moral issues and examine the implications of these issues and produce a written argument in a logically rigorous and conceptually precise manner.  

Background:Take what you have learned in our Online NDNU Moral Problems Class to inform your essay.

Prompt:  A moral philosophy enables a person to navigate the world critically, reflect on matters important to him or her, and consider who he or she is and ought to be in personal and professional endeavors. Simply said, a moral philosophy should help a person maintain his or her personal integrity in any profession and role in life.  For your PMPP, you are to write a four-five-page philosophy paper, using the moral theories that you have learned.  

First, your personal philosophy paper should address the ethical theory that best guides your life—that is, a theory that aligns your actions, worldviews, and beliefs.  As part of this requirement, you should explain the reasons why you accept this theory to be the best way to live your life.  If you draw from a theory that we have not studied (and have consulted with me and received approval to use that theory), ensure you pick a theory that we have studiedto inform, challenge, or complement your proposed theory. For example, if you choose care ethics, then maybe you can pose that virtue ethics could be a second tenet of your moral philosophy.  Likewise, if you have particularly strong beliefs, then you should highlight the ways in which a moral theory has challenged or affirmed your beliefs; this method may enrich your paper.  However, you have creative freedom to choose how you wish to approach this part as long as you incorporate the major ethical theories—virtue ethics, utilitarianism, deontology, relativism, etc...

Second, explain to me how you plan to apply this moral philosophy to your future, especially your immediate role as a NDNU student or soon to be graduate.  Given your moral philosophy, do you foresee conflicts with your moral philosophy and the duties of being an NDNU student or your new profession?  You should address these possible issues

Third, your paper should address the counterargumentto your central claim.  In other words, for example, if you are arguing that Utilitarianism is the best normative ethical theory for you, what would a Kantian deontologist say about your argument?  Why would the Kantian Deontologist say that your position is wrong?  After including the counterargument to your position, explain why their counterargument fails.  Do not use logical fallacies, such as Strawman or Ad Hominem fallacies when refuting the counterargument.

Ultimately, I want you to think deeply and clearly express yourself in this moral philosophy paper.  You should aim to write well; that is, you should clearly and precisely write your ideas in appropriate language.  Writing errors in terms of correctness and convention will receive automatic point deductions.  

Administrative Instructions:

Electronic copyon Saturday FEB  23 2018.  AnyessayemailedAFTERthistime/datewillbe gradedaszero


This assignment evaluates your ability to evaluate ethical dilemmas and use the course content to support or counter a moral claim.  This paper challenges you to think critically in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating claims and arguments as well as the counterargumentof those who do not accept your central claim.  Additionally, it requires that you create written arguments that arelogically rigorous and conceptually precise. This is an argumentative essay; you should ensure that your paper has all the elements of writing well.  Your paper should address the counterargument to your central claim. 

You must include at least two scholarly sources assignedand at least two scholarly sources that were not assigned in the course as part of your research for this paper.  

Sparknotes, enotes, Wikipedia, personal blogs, and other sources that you or I can edit are not scholarly sources.  You should not use them in this argumentative essay; you will receive a 10-point deduction for using these sources.  

Remember: To write a good paper, one must rewrite many times. Often the difference between a very good paper and an average paper is writing an additional draft or two.  

Submission Instructions:

3.Your essay should be submitted in 12-point, Times New Roman Font. Your paper should be between4-5 pages long .  Your document should be double-spaced and left justified with 1-inch margins in accordance with standard MLA citation.  Your page number should be on the upper right hand corner of the page.  Failure to properly format your essay will result in a 5-point deduction from your final grade.

4.  All citations will be parenthetical, and I will not acceptyour essaywithout a properly formatted works cited page… If I do not notice you have the Works Cited Page until after the deadline has passed, I will email it back to you and it will be considered late.Use the most current version of MLA format.For proper citations, go to either the MLA main site at the Perdue Owl at

Failure to properly cite your work intext and on your Works Cited Page according to MLA format will result in a 5-point deduction from your final grade.

5.  No late papers accepted

6. Audience: The audience is not me (Dr. Barry). The person who is your audience is unfamiliar with the works you have read, but is reasonable and educated. He or she may not know all the terms you will use.  Thus

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