Philosophy Essay


  In total not least than 5 pages


1. ——Title

2. ——Exposition

3. ——Critical Analysis

4. ——give example

5. ——strong objections 

6. ——5 typed, double-spaced pages


1. Introduction[at least 0.5 page]

A. Describe Brittany’s situation

B. Define PAS,AE,PE

PAS: physician-Assisted Suicide When the doctor prescribes a lethal dose of medication and patient administers the drug to him/herself.

AE: Using death-causing means to bring about the death of a patient[killing]

PE: Withholding or withdrawing treatment and lefting a patient die.[lefting die]

C. Thesis statement: “In this paper, I argue that[BLAH]”

2. Gay-Williams[at least 0.7 page]

GW: AE is intrinsically and extrinsically wrong.

A. Explain GW’s view(s) on euthanasia/PAS

B. Would he approve of CA’S laws?

3. Rachels [at least 0.75 pages]

Rachels: AE is permissible (sometimes)

4. Your view[at least 1.5-2 pages]

A. Explain your view(s) on euthanasia/PAS

B. Do you approve of CA’s law?

C. Raise &respond to objection

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