Philosophy and discussion questions


A philosophy of education is a set of beliefs about how children develop and learn and what and how they should be taught.  Finish the statements below. Each statement should be answered in about 1 paragraph. Please type your paper and use 12 font, double space. Check carefully for spelling and grammar.

  1. I believe the purposes of education are . . .  
  2. I believe that children learn best when . . .  
  3. The curriculum of any classroom should include certain "basics" that contribute to children's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. These basics are . . .  
  4. Children learn best in an environment that promotes learning. Features of a good learning environment are . . .  
  5. All children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn at their best. Some of these basic needs are . . .  
  6. I would meet these needs by . . .  
  7. A teacher should have certain qualities. Qualities I think important for teaching are . . .  

Discussion Questions

200 words each

1.  Consider the term wellness. Make a list of words that describe wellness to you. What would wellness look like in a young child?

2.  Name several risk factors for children living in poverty.

3. Reflect on the complex influences that impacted the nutrition, health, and safety of children in the community where you grew up. How would you describe the typical family in your home community? Were resources available to assist families who had needs? What community services benefited you during your early development?

4.  What suspected that a child in your class was not getting sufficient food due to the family’s economic difficulties? How would you address this issue with the family? What food resources in your community would you recommend to them?

5.  What if… a parent informed you that she did not want her healthy child to consume any foods with peanuts? How would you negotiate a common ground with the parent and the child who might object to having to eat something different than what the other children in the class get to eat?

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