View (do not use wikipedia) and write about three programs on critical thinking and philosophy.

A. Watch 3 programs on Youtube by Alain De Botton. He's a European philosopher whose mission is to turn everyone onto being a better thinker and a natural philosopher. Philosophy shouldn't be left just to professional philosophers, as they are often very pedantic and in the clouds. He started Youtube's School of Life.

*Socrates on Courage

*Epicurus on Friendship

*Michel de Montaigne


B. Comparative Research Essay: Take one idea each from these three philosophers and interpret and compare. Find something similar, with common ground; this way it's easier to write about. Add yourself too -- ideas and a story or anecdote. Five paragraphs, double spaced, good title, add at least one short quote from one of the programs.

Be very sure to rely on the videos for paper. Don't use wiki or in your paper. In fact, don't use any research but the videos themselves.

The videos are

Here's a sample thesis and outline: DO NOT USE THIS

Tentative Thesis: Alain de Botton's programs on Socrates, Epicurus and Michel De Montaigne show that philosophy leads to a better, more meaning life and that with a little help we too can be practical philosophers.

1. Thesis/intro

2. Socrates: idea. And compare to others.

3. Epicurus: idea. And compare to others.

4. Michel De Montaigne: idea. And compare to others.

5. conclusion. What to do here: tie it all together. That is, your paper is about three philosophers, so end with all three.

Feel free to add some embellishment or sentiment. But it's important to have all three in the last paragraph. End on a high note. Leave the reader with something special, enticing, interesting.

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