There's no easy way to answer the question "What is philosophy?" but typically philosophy as a field is broken down into a number of different sub-disciplines.  One branch of philosophy is called "epistemology" and it has to do with the nature of knowledge.  Here are some epistemological questions: What does it mean to know that something is true?  Do you think it is possible to know anything with absolute certainty?  If so, what kinds of things can we be certain about?  If not, why not?  Answer these questions from your own perspective.  Give reasons for the claims you make.


You are required to write at least one and half pages (double spaced).  Use proper citations when you are quoting or paraphrasing someone or when you are drawing material from somewhere else.  Otherwise, use your own words and thoughts.  You must submit your work either as a Word document or as a PDF in order to get credit

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