Watch the video Your emotions are for sale. ( )Compose responses to the following questions:

  1. Do you agree that using AI (and/or other advanced technologies) to create targeted ads is more intrusive than past advertising methods? Why or why not? Support your position.*
  2. Would you argue that users have a right to be informed of how personal information an algorithm gathers about them, and/or how that information is used in delivery of content (ads, news, etc.)? Support your position.*
  3. Answer the speaker's question at the end: Is it okay if an algorithm can know that you are more vulnerable to certain content when you are feeling tired or sad, and to be able to detect those states/moods, and to then cater deliverables to you to the advantage of the merchant (or others)? Support your position.*

*In supporting your position in each of the above responses, utilize one of the following perspectives from earlier in the course (you can use a different one for each response, or one for all three responses): utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Aristotelian virtue ethics, corporate social responsibility, Buddhist economics, Catholic Social Teaching, or Marxist philosophy.

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