Patho Research and Report



In at least 750 words, or 3 double-spaced pages, prepare a case report that addresses the following:

  1. Based on the case study provided, respond to the following questions:
    • Identify and differentiate the symptoms from the signs in this patient.
    • What is the personal and social history of our patient?
    • What is the family history?
    • What results do you expect to find in the tests ordered?
    • What are some complications the patient is suffering now?
  2. In regard to the patient's mother's breast cancer:
    • What are the four mechanisms of cellular adaptation? Explain.
    • What is the general classification of neoplasms according to their tissue of origin?
  3. How would sickle cell anemia induce ischemia? What are the differences between ischemia and necrosis?
  4. What are the differences between sickle cell anemia and leukemia? Compare their pathophysiology, symptoms, signs, and lab results.

All references must be cited using APA Style format. Minimum of 3 Sources

Please review attached case study as well as grading rubric  

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