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There are three parts to this conference:

Part I.

Child support is a critical resource for children (especially for impoverished children). The benefits of child support are far-reaching. Studies show that it reduces child poverty and improves children's performance in school as well as a list of other important facets throughout the life span. In addition, it is an important way that parents demonstrate love for their children.

When child support is not paid, children and families suffer. Please develop one critical PSA (Public Service Announcement ) ("One Powerpoint Slide") that could be used to increase the rate of child support payments paid and/or child support understanding in your area. (Your slide should have 20 words or less). Your PSA will be shown during several huge entertainment event that is expected to draw nearly 10,000 residents in your area every this fall.

Part II: Seeking Adoption Parents

Each year, November is National  Adoption Awareness  Month. While all adoption-related issues are important, the particular focus of this month is the adoption of children currently in foster care.

There are thousands of children and youth nationwide who are in need of adoptive homes. Many of them have been in foster care for years. To become more familiar with their experiences and needs, please visit and view at least two videos from the list below. After viewing the videos share briefly how you would enhance the message of the videos you viewed? if at all?

· Every Child Needs Love (Dave Thomas Foundation)

· I Am Just A Kid (Dave Thomas Foundation)

· Say Yes (Dave Thomas Foundation)

· I AM (Dave Thomas Foundation)

Part III.

These videos provide an inside look into the lives of real families. Their stories document the rewards and challenges of adoption and parenting teenagers, but, most importantly, they highlight the reality that we never outgrow the need for family.

Please view one of the videos below and find at least one important statistic that you have identified regarding the adoption of older youth in the US. Please share the statistic in your response.


I found that  . . . 


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