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Since how the news was being framed changes in different stages, it is difficult for protesters to alter the frames because that mostly depends on how the journalists frame the issue. During the protest, the protesters’ dilemma occurred, in which protesters wanted to attract public awareness on the issues that they protest for, but also facing the challenge of being seen as a conflict that might even attract the audiences more. Therefore, the focus of the issue depends on the stages in the Framing cycle. Since the period between the Alarmed Discovery stage and the Realizing Costs of Significant Progress stage indicates an increase of attention to the substance frame, it was important for protesters to maximize the problem that they were protesting for in order to attract the public attention effectively. It is the best time to portray the issue because it indicates that in other stages, the conflict of protesting was being framed dominantly; it would not be effective at the time because the public would focus more on the protest itself rather than the issue. In the case shown by the graph, we can see that the Black Lives Matter issue was the dominant frame throughout the process; while the conflict of looting was suddenly increased, reached its peak, and dropped following the killing. Also, police brutality was relatively low at all times. We could see that the BLM issue rise as the looting rise, but dropped relatively less quickly in comparison to the looting frame. Then, we can suggest that although the attention to the BLM issue rise following the killing and the looting, protesters can alter the frame by choosing the stop looting and change the public attention from the looting to the issue that they were aware of.

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