Paper about ancient Greek and Roman


Submit the  first 5-page paper on a topic of your choice.  The paper should be 12 pt. font, 1” margins, MLA style.

This paper will analyze a humorous, ancient text or texts, focusing on a theme (avarice, discontent, envy, friendship, etc.).  The text or texts you use can be outside of the readings in this class but should be Ancient Greek or Roman.  Maybe you want to read another play by Aristophanes or if you want a smaller reading, read ahead to the satires that start at the end of this week.  Horace has a lot of good themes you could discuss.

The student will set the theme in its cultural context and genre, and discuss how the author presents this theme. Include in your discussion whether this theme is universal or culture specific.  

Plagiarism: Before you submit your paper, please read pp. 30-34 concerning Plagiarism in the PDF in this module entitled, "The Culture of Scholarship."  

Follow the guidelines provided in the rubric. Submit in Word document format.

Here are some ideas for paper topics over the readings thus far in this class:

CNE 230 Paper #1 suggestions

Friendship in Horace's Satires

Contentment in "   "  

The Good Life in "   "  

Fertility (crops, sex, wine) in The Acharnians

The profiteers of war in Peace

Those most hurt by war in The Acharnians and Peace

Power/self-determination in The Wasps

Corruption in The Birds

The ideal society in The Birds

Victims of War (mothers, wives, unmarried women) in Lysistrata

Stereotypes of men and/or women in Lysistrata

Features of a truly equal society in Ecclesiazousai (The Women of the Assembly)

Follow the guidelines provided in the rubric. Submit in Word document format.

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