Need 9 page paper did. will give the topic and need it to follow this outline. The subject will be 

  • Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News broadly defined.                                                                               The lens of your paper needs to focus on disinformation, misinformation, and/or fake news across countries and/or cultures. Do no centralize only on the United States. Does that make sense?  

  • Introduction:
    • Discuss how you view or define international communication
    • Explain how your topic relates to the topic of international communication
    • Make a clear statement of goals (This paper will explore “X” topic)
  • Literature Review:
    • Read primary and secondary literature on both international communication broadly defined and your topic in general.
    • Provide sources to support the idea that your topic is of relevance and interest to international communication.
  • Your Topic:
    • Explore your topic using public and reliable sources.
    • This should constitute the bulk of your paper.
  • Discussion:
    • In this section I want you to provide YOUR personal thoughts on the topic. This means I don’t want to see a single citation.
    • Tell me why you were interested in this topic
    • Tell me why you think it is important to international communication
    • How do you think your topic impacts international communication
    • Will it change as we move forward into the future, is it likely to stay the same? Etc. 
  • Conclusion:
    • Every paper needs a nice little bow on top to wrap things up and close out the paper. Your conclusion should be a brief recap of what you’ve done and talked about in your paper. 

Specifics about the paper include:

  • 12pt, Times New Roman font
  • Double spaced
  • A minimum of 10 citations (primary & secondary sources)
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