Carefully read the attached article. 

Summarize the article in 500 words. I want you to really focus on finding your voice and making sure your writing follows a logical progression and organized thought process. Read it out loud to see if it sounds smooth and makes sense. 

While summarizing answer the following questions: 

What is considered a commons?

As an environmental health scientist, what commons are you primarily concerned with?

 The author discusses the "Freedom to Breed". How is this a concern with Environmental Health Sciences? Are there ethical issues with this?

How is your responsibility as an Environmental Health Scientist similar or different than the definition the author gives?

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  • Assignment of conservation biology

    Please answers the questions below based on reading the chapters that I attached in this


    I write with each questionthe chapter coming from.

  • In 1968 Garrett Hardin published an article describing the problem of the overuse of resources, which he called "The Tragedy of the Commons", and suggesting a remedy for some cases at least: …