You are to write a research paper on problems with IPS systems and best practices for implementation in an enterprise environment. Make sure to adhere to the APA format, as it is the easiest way to ensure you get maximum points for the assignment.  Intrusion Prevention Systems are a critical part of keeping a network secure, though proper configuration and monitoring is key. Research some of the common problems of implementing an IPS, and detail the best practices for ensuring successful implementation in an enterprise environment. Write a research paper not to exceed 3000 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page and works cited section. All references must be from authentic, established and reliable sources (sites like Wikipedia will not be accepted). This assignment must contain a minimum of 5 resources. Each assignment must adhere to the standards set forth in the APA guidelines. Submitted documents must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx) and have the required filename convention from the assignment description.

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