Instructions For Assignment 1, you will take the Free Personality Test at: After you’ve reviewed your results, answer the following questions: Personality Type • What personality type are you? Tell us a little bit about that type (use complete sentences). • What percentage are you Extraverted vs. Introverted? Intuitive vs. Observant? Thinking vs. Feeling? Judging vs. Prospecting? Assertive vs. Turbulent? Results • Did the results surprise you? Why or why not? (use full sentences) • Summarize your key takeaways in a paragraph or two. • What are some of your strengths and weaknesses as identified by the assessment (use full sentences)? • How do these strengths and weaknesses impact your workplace habits? Career paths? (use paragraph form) Analysis • What did you learn from what you uncovered? • What new skills will you try to acquire to overcome your weaknesses?  PAGE 2 Leadership & Implementation • How will this impact the way that you lead others? (use full sentences) • Will you make self-assessments a mandatory part of your employee training? Why or why not? Explain your rationale (summarize in a paragraph) References References should be included if applicable (APA format suggested)

my results 

Personality type: “The Advocate” (INFJ-A)
Individual traits: Introverted – 64%, Intuitive – 53%, Feeling – 54%, Judging – 68%, Assertive – 63%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Confident Individualism

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