Need in 10hrs or sooner

600 words paper and 10 slides PPT

Kali Linux has over 600 tools for penetration testing, which on the other hand could also be 600 plus tools a hacker can use in a malicious way.  Choose one from the link. 


Must be in APA format

  • (1 pg) Title Page
  • (1 pg) Abstract (individual page)
  • (1 pg) Body - Has a header related to the content to follow.
    • Provide a summary and documentation of the exercise. The body 2-page minimum provide 4 screenshots.
  • Conclusion - Share thoughts on the exercise, research, and other information
  • (1 pg) References - 2 minimum


 With a minimum of 10 slides provides: 

  • Summary background
  • How it's used as a tool
  • How hackers use it
  • How to protect against it. 

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