Topic: Global Melting

Read the following article on the melting ice sheets and conduct some additional research on your own. Then, answer the following:

Ferris, R. (2016, 19 August). Arctic sea ice is vanishing far faster than anyone thought possible. CNBC. Retrieved from https://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/19/arctic-sea-ice-is-vanishing-far-faster-than-anyone-thought-possible.html

  • In what state or region do you live?
  • Would the melting of glaciers impact you directly (e.g., through inundation or loss of a source of water)?
  • How would the melting ice caps affect you indirectly?
  • This problem is a significant one for scientists, and there is no easy answer. What do you think can be done to fix the problem:
    • in the short term?
    • in the long term?
  • How will the melting ice sheets impact plant and animal life?

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