Owning a company



1) Imagine that you are about to start your own company, hoping to  grow it within five years to employ 100+ people. What are the core  ethical values that you would want to inspire and guide your employees  from day one? (You might phrase them in relation to specific  stakeholders, e.g., "honesty toward stockholders," or "maintaining a  level playing field for potential suppliers.")

2) What management practices should you adopt in order to ensure that your employees know:

  1. a) That you'll never ask them to violate their conscience in order to meet your business goals?
  2. b) That you'll back them up for doing the right thing?
  3. c) To seek clarification if they're ever unsure about applying the company's core values in particular situations?
  4. d) To disclose potential conflicts of interest?
  5. e) That they can voice their ethical concerns up the chain of command without fear of retaliation?
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