Organizational Team Building



Organizational Team Building

Organizations are full of teams. For the final team project in the course, choose an organization you are familiar with. Choose three different teams within that organization that you will use for this assignment. You will use one (or more) of those teams in each weeks' project paper. Keep track of the team challenges and insights that you develop each week as you assess the teams. Those insights will help you in the Week 5 conclusion to the project.

It will provide the best learning experience for you if one of the teams for your final project is a team that you are on. As needed, discuss options with your instructor early in Week 1 about team/organization selection to optimize your learning potential in the class.

For the Week 1 paper:

  • Summarize the purpose, goals, and objectives of each of the three teams.
  • Analyze each team’s type (manager-led, self-directing, self-governing, etc.).
  • Evaluate the current stage of team development within each of the three teams.
  • Examine the dynamics of each team and how any interpersonal issues within the team are resolved.
  • Analyze the performance and productivity of each team, citing support from the readings this week.
  • Compare the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for each team, citing support from the readings this week.

Prepare a minimum 5-page Word document addressing these questions.

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