Organizational behavior


1.  When has your level of performance been directly affected by your motivation? By your ability? By the environment?

2. Identify examples from your own experience that support, and others that refute, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

3.  How do you evaluate yourself in terms of your needs for achievement, affiliation, and power?

4.  What is your opinion about the ethics of OB modification?

5. Do you agree or disagree that individual differences affect how people respond to their jobs? Explain.

6. Develop a framework where you could use goal setting on a recent or current work project.  Describe the project and the benefits and potential drawbacks of using goal setting.

7. Why are employees not simply left alone to do their jobs, instead of having their performance measured and evaluated all the time?

8. What conditions make it easier for an organization to achieve continuous improvement? What conditions make it more difficult?

9. As an employee in your organization, what “rewards” do you receive in exchange for your time and effort? What are the rewards for the organization? How do your contributions and rewards differ from those of some others in your department?

What rewards are easiest for managers to control? What rewards are more difficult to control?

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