Order 926086: discussion post: International security, the use of force

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The Ammerdown Report, Rethinking Security, identifies a ″dominant security paradigm″, accompanied by a distinctive narrative: ″we″ are a virtuous country, making our way in the world while minding our own business, when - every so often, and out of the blue - we suddenly meet a ″security threat″. The favoured response is to take action to ″neutralise″ that threat by the use of force. How effective is this paradigm in ensuring international peace and security? Please answer questions above based on the reading materials I attached. Please answer them directly, specifically and in details. (You don′t need to use them all, just get a general understanding of the main arguments.) Please note that this is not a formal essay, it is just an online discussion post, so the tone of this work should be personal and casual. It is better to use/mention personal experiences.

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