Order 770431: Triangle essay- the fire that changed america


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Evaluate,  summarize, and analyze the contents of the books.  Make clear, by frequent reference to the author(s) of the book, that you  are presenting the author(s) views, not yours.  You must offer textual evidence for every point you make about the  monographs. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to put a  simple parenthetical page citation after you comment. This also shows me  the thoroughness with which you read the monographs and forces you to  return to the work to make sure you are fairly representing the author′s  comments.   Typed, double spaced, using 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch  margins Introduction Paragraph   Give the title the monograph and name of author (full name here with  subsequent references to the family name only for the rest of the  paper).  Identify author’s credentials – profession/importance in field.  Introduce the topic of the book by summarizing the issue or topic  discussed in the book.   Include the author’s thesis.    Body Paragraphs  1st Paragraph  How important was the aftermath of the fire in the overall scope of the  Progressive movement in the United States?  Describe some of the reforms that were brought about because of the  fire.  Provide textual evidence.  2nd Paragraph  Explain the author’s use of resources in detail.  Not just what type of sources (primary and secondary) utilized, but  whether or not they were appropriate for the monograph should be  included.  Include a historiography of at least two other works and how they  compare/contrast to von Drehle’s thesis.  Provide textual evidence.  3rd Paragraph  Defend the author’s thesis that the fire was a crucial moment in  American history that forced fundamental reforms from the political  machinery of New York and the whole nation.  Did the author support/prove his argument?  Explain by providing  specific examples from the book.  (Remember you are trying to convince  me you read the entire book.)  Provide textual evidence.  Conclusion  Write a conclusion paragraph that briefly tells the reader what you  wrote about in your essay and your overall findings. A conclusion  paragraph provides intellectual closure for the reader. There is some  redundancy in a conclusion paragraph, but it still is essential to  provide closure in a skillfully written essay.  Remind your readers of the importance of the topic and provide a final  assessment of the monograph and its potential impact on United States  society today.  Make a recommendation about the type of reader likely to enjoy or  benefit from the work.

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